Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Create your own "offline" repository for apt-get

It's a nightmare, if you do not have connected to internet for your Debian/Ubuntu machine. I use to struggle to install dependent packages after first installation of my Debian. Untill I connect to internet I cannot install packages and untill I install relevant packages I am no way on internet.
I have found an alternative, where I get offline debian package collection in one of my directory and I will do #apt-get install from there. Let me list how to do that in 3 steps.

Step 1: Collect all available DEB files:
1. Your Debian/Ubuntu distribution DVD might have come with deb installer distribution. Check your cdrom, for .../pool/main/ directory, and if it has deb files, then 'hola', copy them into your local directory.
2. You will definitely get download deb packages from cyber cafe and get them in thumb-drive and copy them to your local machine.
3. Check "/var/cache/apt/archives" in a Debian/Ubuntu machine, (may be your friend's), which has all the packages pre-installed. If it is not cleared/deleted, you will get them all in one place.

So, by now I have deb files copied in my local machine and I kept them in /opt/deb-packages/ location.

Step 2: Create a list:
Goto /opt/deb-packages/ directory and run below command,

#dpkg-scanpackages .  /dev/null  |  gzip -9c > Packages.gz

This shall take some time, give yourself a break.

Step 3: Now, add sources list:
Open sources.list file from /etc/apt
#gedit  /etc/apt/sources.list

and, add below line at the bottom of file,
deb  file:/opt/deb-packages/  ./

That's it. You are ready to install your packages.

Run, #apt-get  update
and let it update all list.

Enjoy running #apt-get install <your-package-name>
and see your package getting installed offline.

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